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Frequently Ask Questions

Why my account is showing “No Connection” in Status bar?

If you receive "No connection" try logging in with your specific alternative server or change your net connectivity. This error occurs when MT4 is not getting Internet connectivity. This may happen due to ISP(Internet Service Provider) issue.

Why my account is showing “Common Error” in Status bar?

Common Error occurs, when there is a multiple login with the same ID. Please contact your RM or Support Team to resolve this issue.

What is Invalid Account?

Invalid Account occurs when the login Credentials entered incorrectly.

What is Account Disabled?

Account Disabled means that your real account hasn't been activated yet.OrMay be due to subscription expired. Please contactyour RM for further details.

How to Login in Mt4?

Please follow below steps to log in to MT4:

  • Click “File” -> “Log Into Trade Account”
  • Cnfirm the correct server for your Live or Demo account -> select the server from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your account number in the Login box
  • Enter your password
  • For password save (Click on ‘Save account Information’)
  • Press Login.
  • Where do I find all the Scripts?

    You'll find all the scripts in Market Watch. You just need to right click on the market watch & go to symbols (OR ‘CTRL + U’ fast access)..

    How to open a Chart for particular script?

    To open a chart on MT4:

  • From the script list in the Market Watch window, Do right click on your preferred script &Select “Chart Window” to open a chart.
  • Where do I find Indicators on Mt4?

    In Navigator window .to open Navigator window you can do ‘CTRL + N’.

    How can I Re-scan the server ?

    File -> Open an account -> click on scan

    why Meta trader 4 is better than other technical analyses platforms?

    Meta trader 4 is Fully Customisable, So anyone can use it according to requirements. Secondly it has online library from where anyone can learn technical analyse and also end numbers of technical tools can be download freely from library. Meta trader 4 is also very user-friendly than other soft wares.

    OTP – Authorization Using One-Time Password

    Use of OTP (One Time Password) provides an additional level of security when working with live accounts. The user is required to enter a unique one-time password every time to connect to an account.

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